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 Why Should We Use Solar ? -  PT. I 

and why renewable energy is a priority for earth

Thanks to Wikipedia. Photo by Wurstsalat.

Global Warming?   Environmental Blight?   Smog?   Ozone hole?

No matter what you call it, the environment is not the same pristine shape as it was it say, the 1930s or 40s.  Every major city has smog so thick it is visible for hundreds of miles.

We are the cause.  We are overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide,
which traps heat and steadily drives up the planet’s temperature. Where does all this carbon come from? The fossil fuels we burn for energy—coal, natural gas, and
oil—plus the loss of forests due to deforestation, especially in the tropics.
   -  Quote from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

"Why use solar & renewable energy?" 

Here's something that hopefully everyone agrees with:  let's use more clean energy.  

We know that in the past oil was developed as a fuel to drive trains, factories, planes, automobiles, diesel motors for electricity; but, as the oil begins to run out (spoiling much of the world on its way), let's start to segue to solar and use more renewable energy.

Here are some questions we all should be asking...

Pollution over a city

When we breathe in smog do toxins make us sick?

- it's common knowledge now...  is it more polluted in the poorer areas of town? 
Do wealthy people have bad air and water too?  How can we convince corporations and government agencies to legislate more environmental justice in the world? 

With an increase in the use of renewable energy fuels, will we have healthier air and water?*

Photo from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

 How can we stop polluting our oceans ?
coral reeef

Can we build oil pipelines, tanks and ships strong enough, safe enough, to prevent spills?  How can marine animals remain healthy when things like the massive  Great Pacific Garbage Patch floats around poisoning organisms? 
Who knows just how much marine life has become extinct from plastics, pesticides and petroleum-based products? How to prevent marine organisms from ingesting miniscule bits of plastic? Let's expand the agencies responsible for cleaning up the environment...

Thanks to the Nature Conservancy for photo - (by Nancy Sefton)

For ocean reef lovers...

Are there alternatives to the oil-based "run off" pesticides & chemicals that flow into our ocean from the street storm drains?   With plastic bags being thrown into the ocean how will we keep our oceans pristine?

Are we able to keep air and water clean?
The less toxic waste the better You can write or call your local Environmental Protection Agency, and other community government representatives and tell them how using non-toxic pesticides and non-petroleum energy products will make a difference
to all of us?  Look up EPA in a search engine... 

  The U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is tasked with protecting the environment... they are divided into different sections across the U.S.  To find out whoand where to write your letters, click below (you can also find out what's being done in your state as far as environmental protection):

  Click here for your state's EPA activities 

    If you can think of more reasons to use solar/renewable energy, let us know...
    Click here to contact us: Contact Us

The roots of trees need clean water and soil to grow healthy
Pollution in the canopy:  

How long will it take for the roots of these trees to be free from pollution? 
How long before trees and plants are considered an "endangered species"?*
Koala in the Phillip Island Nature Park

Will cute and cuddly koalas be extinct someday?

What will happen when this koala bear - some who feel it is the cutest animal on the planet - takes in a breath of polluted air in the future? Like many of us, we might be breathing in the same air laced with toxic pesticides carried by the wind and water... will zoos and protected parks be the only place animals will survive?

- Picture courtesy of Phillip Island Nature Park, Victoria, Australia
click here to visit their excellent site:  Koala conservation  ...and say hello from Segue to Solar when you are down under...
   (Photo Wikipedia)

The Okapis Xantia and baby Mbutiokapi
Careless use of petroleum chemical pesticide products:

a hazard to everyone...  And the inconvenient truth is, pesticides, chemicals, are all causing our health to detoriate...   Please use more renewable energy products, so Okapis Xantia and baby Mbutiokapi (picture to left), will grow up drinking water free from pesticides.

Thanks to Bristol Zoo (UK) for use of above photo photo - Okapi photo by Martin Chainey

Petroglphys of Native Americans' hands
The rock spirits of ancient indigineous people

The heritage of many people are kept alive in rock art and petro-glyphs around the world.  These pieces of art may not survive when more pollution begins to cause erosion...  this petro-glyph artwork on the rock has been in New Mexico for a long, long time...  and is part of world culture. This is just one heritage among thousands that need to be preserved - isn't there anything we can do? 

Thanks to NPS for petroglyph photo

Will more solar and renewable energy (less toxic fuels) help to keep animals alive? short-tailed Phoebastria (=Diomedea) albatrus

Endangered bird walking:

In photo to right proudly stands the Short-tailed Phoebastria (=Diomedea) Albatrusabout to go on the endangered species list (according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency).

To see more endangered species, click here for: U.S. Fish and Wildlife page

The earth from space

  Why use solar & renewable energy?  /  PT. II -
    - more reasons

# 1
Reduce pollution:

Using products, equipment and appliances that lessen our impact (or carbon footprint) on the environment should be made a priority by consumers.  Every little bit helps endangered species and everybody else... Consumers have the power to buy and use renewable energy products that enhance the quality of our air, water, earth, food and health, rather than harm it. *

The economics of solar/renewable energy:

Green is good for the economy...  We hope that renewable energy manufacturers make products as affordable as
possible for the consumer's budget

  Solar does not spoil the environment:

At least not as bad... When oil spills it ruins everything.  Solar and other renewable energy helps the environment and does not spill.  Yes there is an environmental impact related to manufacturing and installing solar. But compared to petroleum...

U.S. - based business:

Companies that are based in the U.S. not only keeps business in our home country, but it's easier for technical support and returning items.  Items coming into the U.S. must comply with certain American trade standards, which makes for better merchandise.   (Not to mention shipping costs kept to a minimum...)

Quality renewable energy goods, reliable technical support:

This is what we look for when we offer products from reliable companies.

Discount to teachers and non-profit organizations:

Educators - teachers and students - don't forget we have a great assembled a great renewable energy resources page. Click here:  Educational Resources - before making your purchase.

  - Green Building - radiant heating and thermal heating for homes.

People are taking advantage of using natural resources & alternative energy... it's is a good way to go. Don't forget about natural solar: when building, face the front of your house toward the sun.

  People can take advantage of Solar Incentives from State and Federal sources
Go to

  Environmental Justice

  Look at your community as far as environmental injustice, and compare with other communities. More info: Go to Environment Justice

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