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                  science & fun learning    - solar prisms...    - amazing gifts

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rainbow maker
  Solar Rainbow Maker

Sale!  $37. 99 - plus shipping

 Own a rainbow... the vivid prism hues on your walls will mesmerize you...  

    Buy Rainbow Makers (Priority Shipping)
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   Buy 2 Rainbow Makers  - save!  Only: $78.00
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The Solar Rainbow Prism:   How does it work?
Place it on a window that gets direct sun. When the sun hits the solar panel (at top) this causes the prism to turn.  When sunlight shines through the crystal prism, vivid mini-rainbows are projected on your walls (and floors). Genuine Swarovski crystal.   Click here for  operating tips.

Click here to see video: Rainbow Maker video
 Click here to see the big picture  Measures L 5.51" x W 1.97" x H 1.26"
       Weight 0.15 lbs    Product#: rmsls
desk version rainbow maker
  Solar  Rainbow Makers

Only  $49. 29 - plus shipping

 Watch the rainbows from this table-top Rainbow Maker

   Buy Rainbow Makers - Table Version (Priority Shipping)
   - Click for Free Shipping  (USA) -  International?

   Buy 2 Rainbow Makers - Table version    Only: $98.00
  - Free Ground Shipping (U.S.A)  -  International?
 With this table-top Rainbow Maker, you need to place it in front of a window that gets direct sun (typically towards the south)  Solar panel powers the crystal to revolve and refract light in all directions. Gearcase is clear - watch the gears moving for an indirect and invaluable science lesson...

 Click here for big picture

Click here to watch Video: Table Top Rainbow Maker3 YouTube
Click here for Operating tips        Product#: rm-tabl
Double your spectrum... double-rainbow maker
 Double Rainbow  Maker - with 2 genuine Swarovski Crystals

Only  $50. 29 - plus shipping

Create a double swirl of rainbows

    Buy Double Rainbow Makers
   Priority Shipping - (U.S.A)  -  International?

 Solar + Prism = Rainbow  This solar powered gadget projects prism primary colors to walls, floors or ceiling.... Attaches to window with suction cup. Two genuine Swarovski crystals rotate and refracts sunlight to create a swirl of rainbows.  -   - now double strength!  - Click here to see video: Rainbow Maker video
 Created by Designer David Dear  - Click here to see the big picture
  Measures L 2.17" x W 1.3" x H 6.81"   Weight 0.21 lbs    Product#: RM-dbl
 Click here for operating tips
Put your heart into it... Heart shape rainbow maker
Heart Rainbow Maker - with Heart-shaped Cystal

Only  $39. 29 - plus shipping

When it's Valentine's Day,  or just that special day... give a heart Rainbow Maker

    Buy Pink Heart Rainbow Makers
    - Priority Shipping (U.S.A)  -  International?

Create a swirl of rainbows....

Click here to see video: Rainbow Maker video
Click here for operating tips
  -   Science Wonders - amazing solar gifts - solar toys    -
Segue Radiometer

Only  $12.25 - plus shipping

Sun-powered sphere tells the weather!

    Buy Solar Radiometers -
   - Priority Shipping (U.S.A)  -  International?

The fascinating sun-powered vanes tell the weather for you!

Displaying a basic principle of science, the vanes in the Radiometer are alternately dark and light in color. When the light strikes these vanes it transfers heat to each one - but not at the same degree. The lighter vane reflects the rays and the darker vane absorbs the rays. The stronger the light, the more energy there is causing the vanes to spin faster. For ages 8+.   -   Science Wonders - amazing solar gifts - solar toys    -

 Care & Use: Your Rainbow Makerss
Rainbow Maker Tips:  When newly applying suction cup, before leaving your Rainbow Maker, always double check the suction cup!  To be extra sure we recommend putting something soft under the Rainbow Maker - like a folded blanket (temporary) to make sure that if it falls it won't break...

It is important to always use a southern-facing window (direct sun, without any shade or overhanging roof). Test the Rainbow Maker in the sunniest window you have...  try in different windows for best effect.
sun hitting prism For Science - Technology (and home school) teachers):  demonstrate the scientific principles of light, motion and rainbow prism theory with the rainbow maker...). Click here for Educational Resources

Parents:   These science solar wonder gifts- filled with prism and crystal uniqueness- are perfect for a refraction science demonstration. It's also a great gift for your teachers, students (or even yourself)

Click here to see the big Rainbow Maker pictures big pictures  Imagine, your own personal rainbow!

Looking for more color in your life?  Click here to see an enlarged picture of an actual rainbow maker image:  click here
  -    Cool Science Wonders light and motion...
spinning gyroscope
 Spinning Gyroscope

Only  $8. 50 - plus shipping

Defy gravity...with this classic educational science toy ...

   Buy Spinning Gyroscopes -
   - Priority Shipping (U.S.A)  -  International?

The gyro: it continues to fascinate young and old alike, with its mysterious force that seems to defy gravity. This is an excellent tool to teach gyroscopic inertia.  Full instructions, case & string included.

 Made In USA.  

Click here for gyroscope video -  Gyroscope YouTube
   WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.  ASTM and EN71   -

Product#: tedgyr
prism power

Prism - Light  Crystal

Only  $8. 50 - plus shipping

See rainbow color hues in light...

    Buy Prism Light Crystals
   - Priority Shipping (U.S.A)  -  International?

A quality 60 degree prism allows you to see a beam of light into a multicolored rainbow. Or look through the top beveled edge to reflect images into wonderful kaleidoscopic patterns. Used in educational and/or science education to discuss light properties. Full instructions & case included.
Made in USA -    Click here for prism info  -  Light Prism
Product#: tedpris        Interested in educational solar gadgets? Click here
  -      Silent Symphony - solar light and sound magic..

aria - silent symphony
  Aria -   Silent Symphony

  Special Offer ! - 2 Arias     now only $150.        plus shipping

  Unique solar music and light gift   - Fill the room with rainbows  & a symphony...

    Buy 2 Aria Silent Symphonies offer  
  Singe crystal reflections   - unique music & light gifts - for friends and family

Dimensions - Specs:
"Aria" - Single Crystal - Size: 3� x 3 x 4" H

Silent Symphony creations use large Swarovski Chandelier Grade Crystal.

- Needs direct sun to operate.  Product no: #sm:aida

serenade - silent symphony
 Serenade - Silent Symphony

Only  $112. 00 - plus shipping

    With 2 crystals turning!  Imagine rainbows in your room!   - with a symphony

    Buy Serenade - Silent Symphonies    in stock
  Entertainment from the sun...

Dimensions - Specs:
"Serenade" - Double Crystal - Size: 4 x 3 x 4"H

Silent Symphony creations use large Swarovski Chandelier Grade Crystal.

- Needs direct sun to operate. Product no. # sm-serenade

overture - silent symphony
 3  - Crystals
   Silent Symphony

Only  $140. 00 - plus shipping

  Intensified rainbow hues from 3 crystals

    Buy Overture - Silent Symphonies    in stock
  - like having a light symphony in your living room... built-in music player plays an overture with rainbow lights beaming...

Dimensions - Specs:
"Overture" - Triple Crystal Size: 5� x 4� x 4"H

Silent Symphony creations use large Swarovski Chandelier Grade Crystal.

- Needs direct sun to operate.   Product no. #sm-overture
crescendo - silent symphony
 - 4 Crystals
Silent Symphony

 Only  $180.00  - plus shipping

- like having a light show...

    Buy Cresenco - Silent Symphonies    in stock
   Enjoy solar rainbows and symphony music...

Dimensions - Specs:
"Crescendo" Quad Crystal 8 x 3� x 4"H

Silent Symphony creations use large Swarovski Chandelier Grade Crystal.

 - Needs direct sun to operate.  Product no. #sm-crescendo

solar wheel rocks
   Solar Wheel  (pink-blue)      Yin-yang and gravity in motion... 

Only  $15. 00 - plus shipping

mezmorizing... an incredible mixture of colors - powered by solar...

    Buy Blue-Orange Solar Wheels
   - 4 in stock

Put this colorful wheel up in a sunny window...!    The solar panel at the top moves a flexible cord around and around.  Easily attaches to your window with sturdy suction cup (included). (see more info at Solar Wheel to left ).

These would make a great birthday or valentines gift. Equals the lava lamp in gadgetry fascination...  Measures 3in. for solar panel and housing & 7in. for the wheel.
 Product no. blue-orange Wheel
lime solar wheel
   Solar Wheel  (lime-blue)  Shifting colored sands backlit by the sun... 

Only  $15. 00 - plus shipping

...always turning, always mixing of fascinatingly different hues ...
    Buy Lime-Blue Solar Wheel
   - 1 in stock

It's solar in slow motion, with gravity coming together in constant yin and yang flow. The solar panel at the top moves a flexible cord around and around.  Attach to an office or room window that gets good sun, and you are ready for the mesmerizing light show. Easily attaches to your window with sturdy suction cup (included)
 The Solar Wheel is energy transformed!  A unique display of moving color and sparkle. Measures 3in. for solar panel and housing & 7in. for the wheel.  Product no. lime-bluewheel
       Solar Rainbow Gallery
gallery - rainbow maker prism colors on wallsun hitting prism

  Images above: from left, the Rainbow Maker - projecting prism rays; middle: reflective crystal on a window; right: prism hues broken down into primary colors via photoshop solarize function     - check out our solar prism image here: big prism pic
  -  Solar gifts - we call wonders, brighten your world with color - solar... creative solar gift ideas...
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